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At EN1 Neuro we offer integrated, evidence based and comprehensive...

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Meet the Team

Dr.Neeta Naik is the director of the Clinical Service at NEED (Neurology, ...

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The Scope

Early and appropriate diagnosis and standardized, targeted and multidisciplinary ...

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Why Us

E signifies Epilepsy, EEG, Endocrinology, the fields with which I have always ...

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Latest Articles


Latest Articles

our Clinic

3300 square feet space

18 seater waiting area with 55" display screen dedicated to patient education

3 seater reception for reception, coordination & counseling

4 Consulting Rooms for Epilepsy, Neurology, Neuropsychiatry & Endocrinology

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Our Divisions

Consultant - Dr. Neeta Naik

Epilepsy remains our busiest clinic. It is our center of excellence.
Consultant - Dr. Abhijeet Bothre

We provide diagnosis, treatment and therapy plan, and genetic counseling for pediatric patients with neuromuscular conditions. We evaluate conditions like muscular dystrophies, congenital myopathies & inherited and acquired neuropathies.
Consultants: Dr. Malay Dave , Dr. Jalpa Bhuta

A detailed developmental history followed by assessments like cognitive assessments (DQ/IQ), language assessment, social interaction assessment (CARS/ISSA) & some may need tests for underlying metabolic disorders, MRS, EEG, & genetic testing.
Consultants: Ped Orthopaedics: Dr. Mandar Agashe, Dr. Chasanal Rathod Ped Ophthalmology: Dr. Prachi Agashe

We have a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in our cerebral palsy clinic & we combine multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation.
Janet Jaison Varghese, MASLP

We offer in house speech & language pathology (SLP) & audiology services. Our speech pathologist evaluates and treats speech, language, voice and fluency disorders that affect communication & swallowing disorders. We have entire range of hearing assessment services as well.
Consultant : Dr. Prisca Colaco

Pediatric endocrine disorders have long term consequences on growth and mental development. Early diagnosis and prompt and adequate treatment are essential in the management of these conditions to ensure an optimal outcome.

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