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Before we started coming here, he used to not listen, but now with the help of Occupational Therapy he has improved a lot. Through the activities and games that are conducted here I have learned how to handle him and make him listen. I used to take him to the occupational therapist at a govt. organization but I now prefer EN1 Neuro because here Kartikh gets individual attention that has helped him improve in his communication also. Now even my family is supporting and understanding.

I have been getting Aarav here since the last 4 months. At first, he used to not talk and used to indulge in a lot of repetitive behavior. Since the treatment has started, he is listening and does not make much fuss. His sitting tolerance has increased drastically and he has learnt to keep himself engaged. His speech is till improving slowly. As for me, initially I wasn’t aware as to why was he behaving like this and it helps me handle him at home, thing that I learn here I try and inculcate them at home.

Initially I was very worried, I did not have much knowledge about seizures. Akbar was under treatment with another doctor who referred us to Dr. Neeta Naik. At EN1 Neuro, we began the diet plan for Akbar. I was given a structured diet plan that I could use with Akbar. I have been following the diet plan since Nov-2015 and I have seen a lot of improvement, the seizures stopped after the start of diet. Even his behavior has improved a lot. I have already recommended EN1 Neuro to my friend and I also recommend the diet. Akbar started OT around 7-8 months back and that has helped him improve too.

When my child first came here at the age of 3, he was not able to communicate and express. But after taking sessions here at EN1 Neuro he started expressing and talking progressively. And now at the age of 4, he can communicate his feelings and asking for things more clearly.

It’s just two weeks since the session started. I’m seeing a lot of improvement in him. These sessions have not only helped him but me too in a lot of ways. He was already improving but these sessions are helping him to come up the curve even faster. Need to thanks each of the therapist who are patiently handling him. They shower him with love and encouragement. Thank you all for help.

Mrinmay is taking therapies here from last 3 months. He has shown steady improvement. Therapists are handling him with patience and care. Mrinmay loves to come here and enjoys the different activities. Thanks to all the therapists and Neeta Maam.

We are thankful to EN1 Neuro center for their constant support to our son Kanu Jha who was diagnosed with speech delay. We have been coming to this center since last three months and observed substantial improvements as an outcome of your dedication and empathy towards my son.
No gratitude will be more for all your team members who dealt with commendable patience throughout the sessions.
If life is a journey all of you are perhaps the best travelers, we came across. Thank you very much for your all support.

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It is the first time in Mumbai that so many facilities integrating Neurology, Psychiatry and allied Neurosciences will be available in Mumbai under one roof for children with neurological, developmental and behavioral disorders. I am very impressed with the team and the facilities.

To offer so many different but relevant facilities under one roof for children with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders is simply fantastic. The convenience it can offer to the families will only improve the care of the child.

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