Consultation and Medications

  • Stimulant medications have been shown repeatedly to be the most effective treatment for the symptoms of severe ADHD, helping kids pay attention, concentrate, manage their impulses, and avoid risky behaviors.

    Behavioral Modification

  • It can help diminish uncertain expectations and increase organization
  • Working with parents and schools to ensure environments conducive to focus and attention is necessary

    Psychosocial Intervention

  • Behavioral Parent Training (BPT)

    Classroom Intervention

  • Behavioral Classroom Management (BCM)

    Occupational therapy

  • To address the sensory processing difficulties
  • To help the child attend and learn by adapting the environment and activities
  • There are several programs and activities that occupational therapists may use to provide the child with tools and coping techniques for use within school, home and other social environments

    Remedial education

  • To cope with the prescribed school curriculum
  • To help students develop study skills
  • To train students in organizational skills
  • To give one-on-one intensive instruction in language skills and mathematics and to improve their overall academic performance
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