Trauma can be to the head, brain or spinal cord. In children falls are the most common causes, sports injury and vehicular accidents can also result in head trauma. Depending on the type and extent of the injury symptoms can vary from minor local abrasions to vomiting, altered awareness and paralysis. In case of injury it is best to consult a pediatrician or neurologist or visit the closest emergency center for appropriate treatment.


Tumor begins when healthy cells in the brain or spinal cord change and grow out of control, forming a mass. A cancerous tumor spreads to other parts causing damage along its path. When the tumor is restricted to one location without causing significant damage it is said to be benign. The symptoms can be recurrent headaches, persistent vomiting, seizures, visual or hearing issues or even paralysis. Tumors are detected generally by imaging studies like MRI and CT scan. Further tests may be required to confirm the type, extent and to know if other body parts are involved. Treatment can be challenging at times and may require either medication, surgery, radiation or a combination.

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