Ms. Dipti Vira (Counseling psychologist)

Ms. Dipti Vira is a practicing psychologist and holds her expertise in the field of counselling for the past six and half years wherein she has an experience of working in the hospital set up for three and a half years.

She has dealt with a variety of issues which include children with various issues like behavioral, academic, emotional disturbances etc. and adults with relationship issues, adjustment difficulty and clinical disorders. She has successfully carried out workshops and teaching modules for school children and college students. She is a guest lecturer for teaching therapies and assessments for college students.

Ms. Sneha Jain (Clinical Psychologist) & Ms. Sneha Nair (Clinical Psychologist)

They are practicing clinical psychologist and has an experience in the field of testing and assessments for children, adolescence and adults which includes intelligence tests, personality assessments, emotional and behavioral assessments, screening autism and has also executed vocational and career assessments. She also conducts teaching modules for students in the field of psychology, parenting and has been a guest lecturer for teaching assessments.